Faces of The Fellowship: Irina

The Fellowship  |  December 18, 2019

Jewish woman sitting on a white couch looking directly into the camera.

Petite, energetic, and optimistic, 64-year-old Irina tries to push away her financial hardships and loneliness. Her tiny studio apartment is clean and neat, but her pension barely covers her rent and utility bills, leaving little for food and necessities. She lives alone and has one relative, a daughter who recently moved back to Russia after living in Israel.

What helps take Irina’s mind off her troubles is her involvement in the local Jewish community. She enjoys singing in the choir, attending classes, Shabbat services, and holiday celebrations. Having worked as a preschool teacher, Irina shares her skills and knowledge of drawing, sculpting, and other art through an ongoing crafts class.

Thanks to The Fellowship, Irina recently received a gift through our Winter Assistance program that brought her to tears — new winter boots. For many years she could not afford boots, a necessity in the frigid Russian climate, and suffered from the cold. Moreover, thanks to you, Irina receives financial help, which allows her to purchase food. “I cannot stress enough how important this support is,” she says. “Thank you!”

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