Faces of The Fellowship: Daria and Ievgen

Faces of The Fellowship: Daria and Ievgen

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Daria and Ievgen came to Israel from the war-ravaged Ukrainian city of Donetsk on a Fellowship Freedom Flight after becoming fed up with the economic situation in their hometown. They both graduated last year with degrees in international economics, but finding jobs in the Donetsk region was impossible.

“Finding a job was difficult because we lived in the city which had become one of the military centers,” says Daria. “The economic repercussions of the war have been felt a long time. There was simply no place to work.”

After spending three years living in a warzone, the trauma of daily violence and bombings really damaged their psychological health. “Obviously, after the start of the hostilities, our lives changed drastically,” says Daria. “Yet even today, things are no easier. Time hasn’t changed anything.”

But leaving one’s birthplace is difficult. Donetsk has been Daria’s home since childhood. But she is hopeful that Israel will bring her closer to her Jewish faith.

“It’s important to feel a connection between one’s personal history and the history of the whole nation. Now that we’re moving to Israel, we’ll soon have a chance to immerse ourselves into more traditional Jewish life.”

Daria says that the couple isn’t afraid of moving. “I acknowledge that this was a very serious decision, but we consider it to be a step forward. This is a life-changing decision that is going to affect our future. We hope for the best.”

The couple is glad they chose to make this serious decision with the help and guidance of The Fellowship. “Many of our friends told us about The Fellowship,” says Daria. “We haven’t been disappointed. We are happy with all the information The Fellowship provided. I have to say that most of all we’re thankful for the financial assistance that we’ll be receiving from The Fellowship in Israel. It will be essential assistance for us as we start our new lives in our new home. Thank you!”

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