Faces of The Fellowship: Asya

The Fellowship  |  August 25, 2021

Asya, an elderly Holocaust survivor

“To live and smile” is Asya’s motto. At 85 years old, this upbeat and energetic Holocaust survivor can teach us all about the importance of positivity. After suffering so much, Asya knows how important it is to hold onto hope so that you can survive any situation.

Asya knows what it means to suffer. She was only two years old when her family was torn apart by WWII. They were tortured and exiled. “I remember the constant cold and hunger,” says Asya.

Asya doesn’t remember her father, but is grateful for the archived photos of him, so that she can at least try to connect with the beloved parent who was stolen from her.

Despite all of the pain, loss, and suffering she experienced as a child during the Holocaust, Asya always has a smile and a kind word for everyone she meets. But a recent loss made her feel a little less positive; after all, no one made Asya smile more than her sister. The two women had survived so much together since childhood. When her sister died, Asya was left completely alone. Shortly after, Asya learned she needed a hip replacement.

When The Fellowship learned about Asya’s difficult situation, we immediately started sending this Holocaust survivor much-needed food packages to keep her nourished, and we also helped pay for the hip surgery she needed.

Today, Asya is slowly healing and returning to her regular, upbeat self. Each time her Fellowship representative visits, they always feel energized and recharged from spending just a little time with Asya. And Asya feels the same in return. “I was very lonely after my sister died,” she says. “Thank you for coming into my life and bringing me friendship, joy, and support.”

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