Faces of The Fellowship: Amos Receives Winter Warmth

The Fellowship  |  February 13, 2020

Four women wearing IFCJ sweatshirts standing next to an elderly man who received an IFCJ branded blanket.

This winter, Amos’ home will be a little bit warmer. Both because of the portable radiator The Fellowship delivered to him and also because of the high school Fellowship volunteers who dropped off this winter warmth with smiles. “It really warmed my heart to meet the students,” he says.

Amos is reaching his elderly years and lives with his wife in a small one-room apartment. While he says that he’s had to do without a lot of things because of his poor financial situation, he’s most upset that he’s not in contact with his grandchildren at this time. He kept telling us that, “I’m just so happy to meet and talk with these students.”

Sometimes elderly need a little bit more than just winter warmth like blankets and radiators that The Fellowship distributes. They also need the care and warmth of Fellowship volunteers. The Fellowship feels privileged to warm the hearts and homes of thousands of elderly this winter.

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