Faces of The Fellowship: Alexander & Volodymyr

The Fellowship  |  October 25, 2017

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Faces of The Fellowship: Alexander

When hostilities began in the Donetsk region of Ukraine in 2014, Alexander and his brother Volodymyr sought temporary refuge in Israel, a place they had visited as tourists in the past.

They left Donetsk in a hurry. Loud noises from shelling and gunfire scared the brothers. They quickly bundled up their clothes and took a flight to Israel. They waited out this dangerous period for about two months, and then returned to Donetsk. But the Ukraine they returned to was even more violent and intense than when they’d left.

“It was bad. There were not many people on the streets. We saw a lot of destruction. Our grandfather lived in the dangerous area, which was surrounded by fighting. He died in his own apartment because a shell hit his house,” Volodymyr says.

Eventually hostilities calmed down in their neighborhood, but remained strong on the outskirts of town. The brothers decided to stay in Ukraine because they didn’t want to leave their jobs, but life in the war-torn nation was a challenge. Recently, they started to consider relocating to Israel for good.

“Life has become more difficult. It was obvious that there are no possible prospects for the future there. Therefore, we decided to leave. We would like to live in a civilized community,” says Volodymyr.

Their father has lived in Israel for many years. Soon they will all reunite. Volodymyr is excited to enter the Israeli workforce in the IT field. Alexander recently graduated from university and is ready to begin a new career in Israel, too.

Thanks to our generous donors, the brothers recently took a Fellowship Freedom Flight to Israel. “We like working with The Fellowship,” says Alexander. “You informed us about the various opportunities that exist in Israel. Thank you!”

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