Faces of The Fellowship: Evenij

The Fellowship  |  June 22, 2016

Evenij, a middle-aged man who's an IFCJ recipient featured in an IFCJ promotion with the text: I'm Not Going to Give Up.
Faces of The Fellowship: Evenij

Ten years ago, Evenij, now 46, was a graduate student at Ural State University in Yekaterinburg, Russia. One day, on his way home from class, unknown assailants attacked him, robbing him and beating him so badly that he suffered severe mental and physical damage.

Evenij lost his scholarship and teaching job, and authorities classified him as a person with a disability.

Today, Evenij lives in a ground-floor apartment directly over a wet and moldy basement. Broken water pipes in the basement leak steam, which destroys Evenij’s apartment as well.

Despite these challenging circumstances, Evenij is determined to rebuild his life. Over the past decade, he has repeatedly searched for work. But even when he manages to find a job, they soon fire him after only a few weeks, which he believes has to do with his disability classification.

“I’m not going to give up,” Evenij insists. “Next year, I hope I can get my disability distinction removed. I want to return to a normal, active life. I want to find a job, and also one day have a family.”

“I really appreciate all of the help from the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,” Evenij continues. “Their assistance and kindness really means a lot to me.”

For the past few years, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) has provided Evenij with a bank card, which he can use to purchase both food and medicine, as well as emergency financial assistance when necessary.

Without The Fellowship, Evenij wouldn’t have the basic necessities he needs to survive. Despite his injuries and inability to find work, thanks to our wonderful donors, Evenij can live with dignity.

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