Faces of The Fellowship: Daniel, Matvey, Ignat, and Eva

The Fellowship  |  June 15, 2016

Family of five featured in an IFCJ promotion with the text: Support for a hurting family.
Faces of The Fellowship: Daniel

Sometimes, siblings Daniel, Matvey, Ignat, and Eva wish they had more space in their very small, three-room apartment in Russia, which they share with their parents and grandmother. The family cannot even fit into the small kitchen all at once. Their kitchen table can barely seat three people, so they never eat dinner all together.

Their mother’s illness prevents them from moving to a larger apartment. Because she is sick, she cannot work, and the family doesn’t have enough money for a more comfortable home. Only their father works, and the family barely scrapes by on his sole income.

Unfortunately, financial concerns are the least of their problems. Last year, Daniel, the oldest of the siblings, attempted suicide. He survived, but the family is worried he might try again. Many days, the only thing that makes him smile is little Eva, who lights up the room, oblivious to the hardships her family faces.

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship) plays a vital role in ensuring the family’s survival, providing them with medicine, school supplies, and a food card, so that Eva and her brothers always have enough to eat. Matvey and Ignat especially appreciate receiving pencils and notebooks for school because they take their studies very seriously. They wouldn’t want to fall behind simply because they cannot afford supplies. In the winter, The Fellowship helps the family pay for their heating expenses, as temperatures often drop below freezing.

Following Daniel’s suicide attempt, The Fellowship started providing the family with subsidized psychological counseling to help both Daniel and his family heal from the trauma.

The family desperately needs the financial help provided by The Fellowship, especially the psychological aid. Daniel’s mother feels very grateful to finally have the help she needs to care for Daniel and also the financial support to feed and clothe her children. She knows she can always rely on The Fellowship and this care means everything to her.