Delivering Basic Needs to Those Evacuated From the South

The Fellowship  |  October 18, 2023

debit cards, displaced Israelis, evacuate, south, terror
(Photo: Raanan Cohen)

As the crisis develops in Israel, we are focused on helping the most vulnerable, like the many displaced people from southern Israel whose homes and communities were destroyed by the Hamas attack.

We are on the ground delivering food and debit cards to assist families who have been evacuated and have no home to return to.

This is what our partners Colel Chabad say about this tragedy:

Many of the families have lost homes, cars and other property, and have been relocated to hotels or housing in other parts of the country. Most affected are the Jewish communities of Kfar Aza, where more than 10% of the kibbutz population of 1,000 was killed, and Kibbutz Be’eri, which suffered a similar fate.

Learn more about our crisis response in Israel and how we’re helping God’s people in their time of desperate need.

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