Children Hidden in a Closet

The Fellowship  |  October 17, 2023

Kibbutz, terror, Hamas, war
(Photo: Yaniv Nadav/Flash90)

We continue to learn more each day of the extent of the suffering and lives lost from the October 7 attacks on Israel. But we also learn of the bravery of the Jewish people in the face of darkness—some just 9 years old.

This young boy calmly and bravely called for help after his parents had been fatally shot, and his composure ended up saving his life and his younger sister’s life, reports the Jerusalem Post:

“In an attempt to assess if there was any hope of saving them, I asked him where they had been shot. From his description, it became evident that there was no chance of saving them,” she recalls, sharing in the pain. “Michael remained composed and performed admirably, telling me that he was with his six-year-old sister named Alma.”

Al-Ezra went on to describe how she guided them to safety, saying, “I advised them to go to the shelter and lock the door securely. He initially hesitated but then complied. I inquired if there was a closet inside the shelter, and he confirmed its presence. I instructed them to enter the closet, remain quiet, and not come out until the brave soldiers arrived to rescue them.”