Ayelet Shaked: A Powerful Figure in Israeli Politics

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin with Ayelet Shaked

Credit:Mark Neyman/GPO

Last fall, Israelis flocked to the polls for the third time in a year. At the time, Israeli newspapers touted Ayelet Shaked as “the most powerful woman in Israeli politics.” Well-known in the Holy Land, might not be to all who stand for Israel. So let’s get to know this Israeli, legislator, engineer, wife, and mother.

A Strong Israeli Woman

Though born in Tel Aviv, Ayelet Shaked comes from olim (immigrants to Israel) on both sides of her family. Her paternal grandmother made aliyah (immigrated to Israel) during the 1950s Jewish Iraqi exodus, coming to the Holy Land as a strong single mother. This strength no doubt influenced Ayelet. Ayelet’s mother, a Bible teacher, comes from olim who made aliyah during the “First Aliyah” of the 1880s. So Ayelet Shaked surely had good role models growing up.

Growing up, Ayelet served as a main instructor for the Hebrew Scouts. Her service continued in the IDF, where she served as an infantry instructor in the Golani Brigade and in the Sayaret Golani special forces unit.

After her military career, Ayelet earned degrees in electrical engineering and computer science. She worked as a software engineer for Texas Instruments, then manager of the tech giant’s marketing.

A Servant of Israel

Ayelet’s political career began in 2006, when she served as Benjamin Netanyahu’s office manager for two years. And in 2013, she won election to her first Knesset (Israel’s parliament). Since then, she has served as Israel’s Minister of Justice, while also helping combat terror. All the while, Ayelet has found time to raise her two children with her husband, a fighter pilot in the Israeli Air Force, assuring the Jewish state a bright present and a bright future.

So, here is to this week’s Israeli You Should Know, Ayelet Shaked, a true woman of valor who has devoted her life to her homeland, Israel.

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