At Hanukkah, Holocaust Survivors Keep Memories Alive

The Fellowship  |  December 23, 2019

Elderly Holocaust survivor sitting next to a small gold Menorah

From New York to Moscow, Holocaust survivors are joining together in cities around the world to light the Hanukkah menorah, reports the Times of Israel. For survivors, the ability to freely celebrate this sacred holiday is so special, since these precious people were robbed not only of their loved ones during the Holocaust, but also their ability to worship according to Jewish tradition. But today, they shine light into the world by sharing their stories of strength and resilience:

Holocaust survivors in several cities around the world are lighting candles for Hanukkah together, as Jewish community leaders try to keep firsthand memories of the Nazi horrors alive…

“Keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive is a crucial and increasingly difficult task, and creating a connection with the remaining survivors is the best and most sustainable way to do that,” Charlotte Knobloch, a Holocaust survivor who now leads Munich’s Jewish community, said in a statement.