A New Handheld Device Aims to Calm Panic Attacks Fast

The Fellowship  |  February 23, 2021

mountains an palm trees under a blue sky with white clouds casting gray shadows, panic attack
(Photo: Jack Hazut)

We are all experiencing anxiety these days. Now Israeli innovator Adi Wallach created a device to help those suffering from panic attacks after experiencing them for years herself, reports Israel21c:

Adi Wallach started experiencing panic attacks while pursuing her undergraduate degree at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

“I was at the movies with friends the first time it happened,” Wallach tells ISRAEL21c. “I felt my heart starting to race. Then I didn’t feel my legs.” …

The sympathetic nervous system stimulates the body’s flight-or-fight response. In contrast, “we activate the parasympathetic nervous system in the brain, which is responsible for the relaxation response in the body,” Wallach explains.

A series of three blinking lights on the CalmiGo device guides your exhalations. When the third light comes on, you breathe in again. You don’t have to think or count –just breathe.

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