A Guide to Tel Aviv’s Best Markets

The Fellowship  |  May 31, 2019

Spices and vegetables at Jerusalem market (shuk)

Experience the delicious local foods Israel has to offer by checking out the best marketplaces filled with many different tastes and colors.

Souks [marketplaces] have been an intrinsic part of Middle Eastern culture for centuries. They have not only been providing residents with fresh, seasonal produce, but they have also been a place to interact with different communities and cultures. Nearly every major city in Israel has a central souk, with the largest and most famous being Machne Yehuda in Jerusalem and Shuk HaCarmel (Carmel Market) in Tel Aviv. Most are open daily from Sunday to Friday…

The famous flea market of Old Jaffa has been around in its current location and iteration for about 70 years and is part of a market culture that’s been in Jaffa for centuries. As with all flea markets, tat and treasures sit side by side, so be prepared to do some digging to find the gems hidden in the market’s maze of stone-paved lanes and narrow streets. Jewellery dealers selling artisanal Persian rings sit next to carpet sellers and second-hand furniture merchants hawking Ottoman-inspired brass lamps or hand-carved Art Deco desks from Belgium. At dusk, before Shabbat, the market turns into a nightlife hotspot as music blares and restaurant tables are dragged out on to the street – the atmosphere is electric. Cafés such as Pu’aa make the most of their location from the plates on which food is served, which are all market finds and are also available for sale.