92-Year-Old Offers Thanks for The Fellowship

The Fellowship  |  January 12, 2017

92-year-old woman in a green and orange top staring directly into the camera.
92-Year-Old Offers Thanks for The Fellowship

Shulamit is a 92 year-old beneficiary of The Fellowship‘s With Dignity and Fellowship program, which provides food, medicine, and companionship to impoverished elderly in Israel.

Shulamit lives on Moshav (a cooperative Israeli settlement) Ganot, which is located in central Israel. She immigrated to Israel in 1942 from Turkey at the age of 17 and subsequently married and had three children.

While working in agriculture, Shulamit also took care of several elderly women on the moshav on a voluntary basis. Even when she retired, she continued to volunteer, teaching Hebrew to a group of elderly immigrants from Iran.

Shulamit lives on the moshav without any family. Eight months ago her oldest son died of cancer. Her middle son underwent unsuccessful heart surgery and has difficulty visiting her due to health reasons. Her daughter isn’t in contact with her.

Since she has no income other than her small social security benefits, Shulamit relies on The Fellowship for her daily needs – and she recently sent us a moving thank-you letter for this support.

My name is Shulamit. I’m 92 years old and it’s difficult for me.

I’d like to thank The Fellowship, but it’s difficult to thank an organization behind which stand hundreds of thousands of people in Israel and abroad who work hard and contribute anonymously as they literally save tens of thousands of people in need, myself among them.

Each day you save many people who, without your assistance, may have died from cold or gone to sleep hungry.

I would like to personally thank all of those involved, however, I know only one of you by name: Geniya [her With Dignity and Fellowship coordinator] who goes above and beyond on my behalf.

Many thanks to all of you and may you be blessed. May you never need to receive and may you only give.

Much health to you all!



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