6 Natural Wonders of Israel You Need to See

The Fellowship  |  April 23, 2021

Image of the Dead Sea during a sunny day with mountains behind it.

Israel is home to many natural wonders. From a salt cave to the desert landscapes, our friends at NoCamels share their favorite natural sites and six reasons to visit Israel:

The Dead Sea is one of Israel’s tourist calling cards with its breathtaking natural beauty of blue-green waters offset by red-colored mountains. Celebrities, politicians, and tourists alike have taken selfies covered in the mineral-rich mud or floating in the deepest salt lake in the world.

While visiting this area, keep your camera at the ready because breathtaking photos of the salt formations reflected in this little body of water will beckon you to keep snapping the shutter at 1,424 feet below sea level.

“The Dead Sea offers many options for very interesting photographs in terms of the people floating, the colors, and the contrasts,” Ariel Jerozolimski, a tour guide and photographer, tells NoCamels. “At specific times during sunset, the contrast between the sea and the reflection makes this a very special for me.”

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