30 Israeli Medical Tech Solutions to Fight Coronavirus

The Fellowship  |  March 31, 2020

close up of a doctor's hands holding stethoscope

The startup nation keeps conducting research and adapting new technologies that will hopefully help treat coronavirus patients and help lessen the burden on the healthcare community.

Writers at Israel21c tell us more:

As for vaccine candidates, “Studies are in various stages and we’ll have to wait patiently for safety and efficacy trials to be completed within one to one and a half years,” says Leshem.

Antibody therapy, immunotherapy and immunization options are being investigated in many Israeli companies, universities and research institutions.

Kamada is developing a polyclonal immunoglobulin treatment for severely ill COVID-19 patients, using purified blood and plasma samples from recovered patients. Kamada previously developed serums for treating rabies and Zika.

The Israel Institute of Biological Research is working toward a coronavirus vaccine as well as an antibody-based treatment for COVID-19 using plasma from recovered patients. The treatment is expected to take less time to develop than the vaccine, says Chief Innovation Coordinator Eran Zehavy, who is actively pursuing collaborations with startups.

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