25 Stroke Patients Shows BrainQ’s Wave Therapy Can Reduce Disability

The Fellowship  |  April 6, 2021

Elderly Jewish woman holding up X-ray scans of her brain.

In the startup nation, Israeli innovators are always making strides in developing new technologies to help people live better lives. A new hat-like device by Israeli startup BrainQ treats the damaged areas in the brain in stroke patients and aims to reduce their chance at suffering with long term disability, reports the Times of Israel:

Based on these results, the company got FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for its therapy earlier this year, which will enable the startup to work closely with US regulators to speed up the development and the final approval of the device. The technology could ultimately have broader application for neurological disorders like spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s and MS, the company said…

“Some 15 million people are treated for stroke every year and stroke is the main reason for disability, with 75% of patients suffering from long term disability,” said Yotam Drechsler, the co-founder and CEO in a phone interview. The data shows that 77% of the patients treated with BrainQ’s device “recovered to having little to no disability, which is a very striking result.”