14 Disruptive, Green Technologies to Help the Planet

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This past year, we’ve had a lot of time to reflect. Some of us may have started to shift priorities, focusing on our families or our mental health. Our friends at Israel21c reflect on ways to make the planet greener and share 14 ways we can emerge from the coronavirus pandemic with a brighter and healthier future for generations to come thanks to Israeli innovations.

The startup nation has solutions to address a wide range of environmental issues from the decline of the bee population to office paper waste and how to dispose of seaweed that clouds ocean coasts:

  1. Y.A. Maof clears seaweed to generate electricity

The Atlantic Sargassum Belt, patches of seaweed bloom that stretch from off the coast of western Africa all the way to the Caribbean and Latin America, makes life difficult for some marine animals, for fishermen and for tourist industries that rely on pristine waters. When the head of Y.A. Maof, an Israeli company specializing in waste disposal, vacationed in the Dominican Republic and encountered the phenomenon, he decided to tackle it. He and his team came up with a process to combine the algae with organic waste in a biogas facility, which in turn generates electricity. The project is still in the works, but the plan is to power local hotels using the locally produced power and to maximize impact for the community.

Have you heard of dead aquatic zones? Here’s what Israeli innovators are doing to help save the water ecosystem without the use of harmful toxins:

  1. BlueGreen Water Technologies tackles algae blooms in planet-friendly way

Blue-green algal blooms are toxic bacteria that occur when a water ecosystem becomes contaminated and turns lakes and reservoirs into dead aquatic zones – very bad news for the surrounding communities that can no longer use them as a resource. Usually, these blooms are treated with large amounts of chemicals that aren’t so great for the environment, but Israeli startup BlueGreen Water Technologies has devised a way to treat them with nano-covered pellets that release far less harmful toxins into the water in a more effective manner.

Check out the full list of creative Israeli innovations to ensure a healthier planet here.

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