11 Places to Grab Great Israeli Food in the Desert

The Fellowship  |  March 8, 2019

Meat, cheese, and crackers on a platter.

Writers at Israel21c say that finding a good restaurant in the desert might seem like a mirage, but it’s not! They’ve put together a list of 11 places to try.

Check out number one on the list:

1.Yakota Moroccan Restaurant, Old City, Beersheva

Serving both traditional slow-cooked Moroccan cuisine, and gourmet plated creations in an upscale, homey, and authentic setting, Yakota has been serving customers in its Beersheva location since 1965.

Cooked by a chef who literally grew up in the restaurant owned by the Ben Moyal family, dishes such as Moroccan salads, couscous, lamb stew with onions and raisins, oxtail stew, chicken with olives, and other tagines are served to guests with an emphasis on hospitality and experience.

And save room for dessert, which is tea in decorative Moroccan glasses and an array of festive cookies that the culture is known for.

Go here for the full list.