Bikkurim: Giving God Our Best

Woman using a knife to cut grain in a field.

Bikkurim, or “firstfruits,” is a term familiar to both Jews and Christians. It conjures up sentiments such as gratitude, giving back to God, and celebrating the abundant gifts that He has bestowed upon us. However, not everyone is as familiar with the source of this term. In fact, the term “firstfruits” stems from a very specific ancient practice involving a particular offering commanded in the Bible. In this month’s Limmud, we will explore the origins of the bikkurim and discover the source of the firstfruits tradition. We will learn about the amazing spectacle and ritual that once graced the land of Israel associated with bringing God the firstfruits – a practice that is destined to return once again. Most importantly, we will learn how this ancient practice still applies to our lives today.

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