The Importance of Passover

Over the past 3,000 years, Passover has endured as the most celebrated and widely observed holiday in the Jewish tradition. Passover commemorates the seminal event in Jewish history — the story of the Exodus which led to the birth of the Jewish nation, Israel. In addition, the most basic and fundamental principles found in Judaism — faith, prayer, deliverance, freedom, and service to God — are woven into this timeless story. Below, you will discover a resources on what is the importance of Passover and to help you understand the importance and significance of this most holy observance not only to Judaism, but also to the Christian faith.

What is the Significance of Passover?

Read an overview of the Passover celebration and the key themes of deliverance and freedom found in the Exodus story.

The Seder Plate: Food for Thought

On Passover, the seder table is brimming with symbolic foods and objects that are used throughout the evening in order to tell the Exodus story. The focal point of the table is the seder plate, which contains six specific foods that take on a spiritual and ritual role.

A Taste of Passover

Enjoy the traditional foods of Passover and their significance to this ancient observance in A Taste of Passover booklet, offering recipes and reflections on Pesach.

Passover for Kids

Hey kids — here are some fun activity pages and other great information about Passover and why it's so important to your Jewish friends. Try learning some Hebrew words that have to do with the Passover celebration by checking out the audio section below.

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