Serving God on Every Path

Yael Eckstein  |  December 8, 2023

Desert road

in all your ways submit to him,
  and he will make your paths straight
. — Proverbs 3:6

We continue with devotional thoughts from the Book of Proverbs. One of the 11 books in the Torah known as the Ketuvim, Hebrew for “writings,” Proverbs is part of the “wisdom tradition,” which also includes Job and Ecclesiastes. Enjoy!

I’ll be honest with you. When I began my career, becoming the CEO of a large nonprofit was not on my agenda. In fact, my initial plan was to become a veterinarian! Yet, God works in mysterious ways, and that is exactly where I find myself today.

However, although the life I lead is not the one I originally envisioned, I have no doubt it is the life I am meant to live. God guided me to where I am today. He gave me the tools I need to do my job. God put me on this path, and if this is where He wants me, this is where I will serve Him in the best way I can.

Serving God on Every Path

In Proverbs we read, “in all your ways submit to him…” This verse teaches us that we are to serve God with everything we have and in any way that we can. However, the Hebrew word for “ways,” derech, can also mean “path” or “road.” Based on that understanding, the Jewish sages explained that this verse also teaches us that we must serve God on every path we find ourselves as we journey through life.

Sometimes, we might question our situation in life or feel frustrated that our life hasn’t turned out the way that we planned. Other times, we pass through a difficult stage and wonder what the purpose of it might be. This verse teaches us that whatever situation God has placed us in—wherever we find ourselves in our lives at any given time—is exactly where we are meant to be and that there is something we are meant to do. We must serve God and submit to Him on every path and in all circumstances.

This beautiful teaching reminds us that there is always something good that we can do right here, right now. No matter where our path has taken us, or what stage of life we may be passing through, it is always possible to serve God. And when we serve God in all situations, “he will make your paths straight,” and we will see blessings on every road we travel.

Be a Holy Land Hero

One way we can serve God—regardless of our own circumstances—is through prayer. Pledge today to pray for His children, the people of Israel, in their time of need.