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The Loudest Sound in the World

The loudest sound in the universe is the breaking of a bad habit.

Building Our Lives

Keeping our faith and rebuilding our lives after a tragedy or difficult situation is the greatest miracle of all.

Pillars of Our Faith

While we worship the Lord as the eternal and almighty God, we must also remember that God is loving, merciful, and kind.

Bring God’s People Home

God gives us the opportunity to play a role in fulfilling His purposes, and today we are able to help bring His people home.

God’s Ways Are Higher

Thank God we have a Heavenly Father Who cares for us and knows better than us what is truly good.

Stop Chasing the Wind

Materially, we can never have enough. There is always an appetite for more.

Get Up, Don’t Give Up

Don't give up, no matter how many times you fail.

I Am Third

Any time we gain at the expense of another human being, we are selling out. That, says God, is intolerable.

Build and Rebuild

Friends, let's be inspired to rebuild when something we have worked for gets destroyed.

Find Something Good in Every Day

When we are feeling down, we should look to what is good in our lives.

Better a House of Mourning

We will live every day to the fullest, and ultimately, a complete and meaningful life.

Water for the Thirsty Soul

We have to nourish our godly soul sufficiently, the same way that we are mindful to nurture our physical needs.

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