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The Triumph of Faith over Fact

According to Jewish tradition, four-fifths of the Israelites did not leave Egypt. They weren't ready to step out in faith and follow God . . .

“Think and Thank”

When we are poor and hungry, it's easier to have a natural and complete reliance upon God. But when we are full, it's all too common to forget about God.

Don’t Take Anything for Granted

"We don't rely on miracles" means that we acknowledge the miracles in our lives and realize that they are God-given gifts.

In Seasons of Drought

God wants to have a relationship with us. Sometimes, a drought is His way of calling our attention to Him.

God Will Prepare the Way

We can't know what tomorrow will bring, but God does, and He is already preparing the way for us.

The God of My Mercy

David was a man of kindness. He served King Saul and others with a whole heart. On that merit, he prayed that God would save him.

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