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God’s Unconditional Love

When there is nothing else left to give, we can always give love and remind others that God does the same.

In Loving Memory of Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

Holy Land Moments Daily Devotionals have been temporarily suspended while we mourn the loss of our Founder and President, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein,who passed away on Feb. 6. Please visit our home page for our tribute to Rabbi Eckstein's life and legacy.

Brotherly Love

The love that the brothers had for each other drew God to live among them at that place.

Our Labor of Love

Our sweat and labor is a sign of love.

God Loves You!

People who know they are loved by God know that they are valuable and loveable no matter what anyone else says.

See the Good in Me

We need to look closely at a person's strengths and look past their weaknesses.

A Universe of Love

The universe is a place of love! God is madly in love with His children.

Turning Worries into Love

In every situation in our own lives, we, too, can choose to see our worries or God's love for us.

The Promised Land of Love

When we can cross the deserts of our life with faith, we will be able to enter the Promised Land of love.

Angels of Love

Next time it seems like God is making life tough, picture two embracing angels and remember – God is hugging and loving us, even as He corrects us.

There Is Hope for Love

There is always hope for love.

Rooted in Love

The relationship between God and Israel is really a reciprocal bond based on love.

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