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Surrounded by Grace

There are always two ways that we can see our reality. We can see the challenges that surround us, or the grace that envelopes us.

An Army of Compassion

The Fellowship strives to help meet the needs and provide social support for these young men and women serving in the IDF.

Our Pillar of Defense

One of Israel’s military campaigns in 2012 against the terrorist organization Hamas was given a spectacular name.

Everything As It Should Be

Having complete awareness throughout our lives, God is the cause behind every occurrence in our lives.

A New Era Begins

We sit at the precipice of a new era. A time when we can see the prophecies in the Bible coming to complete fruition.

Our Refuge

For the Jewish people, the only place of refuge, of safety, is Israel.

We Come in the Name of God

Let God fight your battles today – and every day – and you will be victorious.

Surviving on Faith

Next time you pray, remember the citizens of southern Israel — and indeed all of Israel’s people.

Remember What We Are Fighting For

Our goal is that the entire world will joyfully recognize God - not that they will be oppressed, repressed, and depressed.

With God We Will Gain Victory

Whether we face a dangerous situation or simply a difficult person at work, at home, or in the street, remember that God is in control and with His help “we will gain the victory.”

By My Spirit

Remember that it is not by our own efforts, but by God’s enabling Spirit, we are able to accomplish His purposes.

Pray Like God Is Listening

God hears every word and knows how to make our prayers turn into reality.

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