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Living Prophecies

We are living in miraculous times and watching biblical prophecies unfold before our very eyes. 

Heart to Heart

Fill your heart with love and God will dwell there, too. 

Living On Purpose

To live "on purpose" means that everything we do in life aligns with our purpose on this planet. 

Who We Really Are

We are really spiritual beings, and we are here having a physical experience for the span of a lifetime. 

The Wisest Gifts of All

God wants us to know that the amount we give is not important. God values gifts from the heart. 

The God of Our Salvation

The next time you are brought to your knees or feeling challenged in life, remember that it is all part of the process of salvation.

Our Father and Our King

God is our loving Father, but He is also our King.

Kosher Inside and Out

If our behavior, and what is inside us truly matches our outward appearance and actions, we will be rewarded.

Bridging Heaven and Earth

When we make the physical spiritual, we will succeed in bridging heaven and earth.

This Holy Season

As we celebrate Easter, remember the Jews' miraculous deliverance on that first Passover and of God's divine leadership taking them from bondage to freedom.

Through Narrow Straits

The good news about stress: It can lead us to rebirth and renewal!

Thanking God for Unanswered Prayers

Thank God for your unanswered prayers because those are often the greatest gifts of all.

A Holiday Called Passover

On Passover, it's time to pass over all of the thinking and skip right to the doing. It's time to change.

In These I Delight

When we pray, our prayers have to be sincere and heartfelt.

Our Source of Strength

All of Israel's battles are fought and won by Him.

Weary for God

It is important to make time to serve God, even if it means getting a bit weary and tired.

The Best YOU Can Be

We are expected to be the best we can be – nothing more and nothing less!

Human Becomings

Instead of "human beings," we should be called "human becomings" because that is a more accurate term for who we are.

Gifts of the Heart

A hug given with love can be far more meaningful than a hastily bought gift card.

The One True God

Sometimes we misplace our trust and instead of placing it exclusively in God, we place it in green paper called money.

In the Right Time

Divine time is the perfect time for things to happen.

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