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The Secret of Vitality

From beginning to end the theme of the Bible is kindness. It is all about teaching us to serve God by serving each other.

Guard Your Tongue

God gave us two gates – our teeth and our lips – to help us guard our tongues and use them properly.

Making It Last

True spiritual growth requires action. Inspiration gets us going, but action makes it last.

No Place to Run

There is no way to run away from God; anywhere we go, He'll be there.

Missing the Mark

With time and practice we will get closer and closer to hitting our target and getting things right.

Dress Rehearsal

Knowing how we would like to be remembered teaches us how we should live.

God’s Alarm Clock

God's greatest gift to humankind is time, but it is not unlimited.

The Wisdom of Our Elders

There's so much we can learn from our elders who have a lifetime of experiences to share with us — if only we take the time to listen.

For Zion’s Sake

We need to love Israel and the people of Israel with our hands and with our voices.

Choose Life

The only life worth living is the one that is truly lived.

It’s All Inside

When you feel unworthy, defeated, or overwhelmed, remember that you are pure holiness at your core.

Rise and Shine!

We are here to bring light to the darkest of places, healing to all broken places.

What Money Can’t Buy

Only God can give us life. And that is worth more than anything money can buy.

Anticipate Blessings

When we demonstrate to God that we have full trust in Him, He will answer our prayers faithfully.

When You Go Out

When you go out into the world, remember to bring God with you.

Sensitivity Toward Life

We don't rejoice in destruction; our supreme value is, and always will be, life.

Practice What You Preach

What we teach our kids in kindergarten is our job to model as adults.

How Good and Pleasant

When God's people live together – it's the presence of great innovation and capability that results when people help each other.

The Lord’s Shovel

Whatever you give to help others will be returned to you with the Lord's much bigger shovel.

In the Eyes of the Lord

Forget about impressing your friends for a while, and figure out how you might impress your God!

Blessings and Curses

We can choose blessings or we can choose curses; we can choose to thrive or wither; we can choose growth or stagnation.

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