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We Come in the Name of God

Let God fight your battles today – and every day – and you will be victorious.

Israel’s Not-So-Secret Weapon

We know the secret to Israel's success, and God can be our secret weapon, too.

Bless Israel with Love

As you bless Israel with love, may God bless in return with His everlasting love.

The Spirit of Youth

No matter what life throws our way, we can respond with the wisdom that comes with age, but also with the resiliency of a child as we trust and depend upon the One who loves us like a Father.

The Promise-Keeper

Let your faith and deeds in the Promise-Keeper be the bedrock of your life.

A Good Challenge

Every challenge is a chance to grow closer to God and to make something special of yourself and your life.

Those Who Bless Israel

God will bless those who bless Israel.

Like the Stars

When we see people for the bright and shiny stars that they are, they may just learn to see themselves that way too.

From the Beginning

God begins the Bible with Creation so that we would know that created the world and has all authority over the universe.

A Nation Reborn

As we celebrate Israel's 70 birthday this year, let us open our eyes and see the miracle of it all.

“The Silver Platter”

Honor those who became the "silver platter" on which our state was given to us.

United We Are Blessed

United we stand, and united we are blessed.

Direction, Not Destruction

Next time you find yourself in a conflict, remember to focus on changing the direction, not on destruction.

Our Source of Strength

God is our source of strength and protection.

The Fear Factor

We tend to feed our fear so that our problems and anxieties grow larger and larger.

The Righteous Never Die

When a person wastes away his or her days doing nothing with meaning or content, that person is merely existing.

Jacob’s Sword and Bow

Our prayers travel "closer to God" when they emanate from the deepest depths of our hearts.

Living on “Borrowed Time”

If we are in lean times, we have to hold on to the promise of an abundant future.

The Power to Heal

We can't get so bogged down by the consequences of disobedience that we miss all the beauty of God's promises for following Him.

Taking Time to Care

The story of Joseph teaches us never to underestimate the importance of a greeting and a smile.

From a Distance

There is more to every person than what we may see. Don't judge from a distance.

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