Michele Bachmann & Penny Nance — Celebrating the Modern-day Women of Valor

Nourish Your Biblical Roots Podcast Episode 28 with Michele Bachmann and Penny Nance

As we pause this month to celebrate the women in our lives, host Yael Eckstein welcomes to the podcast two modern-day Women of Valor who have influenced and mentored her — Michele Bachmann, former member of the U.S. Congress and current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University, and Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America. Together, these powerhouse women discuss with Yael both the difficulties and opportunities women of faith in leadership face today, as well as the women in their own lives who influenced them. You won’t want to miss this inspiring conversation with these two women, who Yael describes not only as her role models but as role models for the next generation. Listen today!

Episode Notes

More than three thousand years ago, King Solomon penned a tribute to the eishet Chayil — the woman of valor — which in the Jewish tradition is the quintessential praise for any woman. The words or Proverbs 31:10-13 are sung every Friday night at the Sabbath table and are read at the end of a woman’s life at her funeral.

The woman of valor does it all. She cares for her family and household’s needs, while also contributing to her community as an industrious businesswoman. She is strong, yet gentle, compassionate and kind, caring for those less fortunate in society. She is a woman of faith devoted to God. No wonder her children and husband call her blessed!

On this “Conversations with Yael” podcast, host Yael Eckstein, President and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, welcomes two modern-day eishet Chayil —women of valor — who exemplify those same godly characteristics and who are role models as women of faith in leadership: Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America, the largest public policy women’s organization; and Michele Bachmann, former member of the U.S. Congress and the current Dean of the Robertson School of Government at Regent University.

On the podcast, Nance and Dean Bachmann discuss the role of faith in their own path as influential leaders encouraging women to step into leadership roles. “One of the things I saw when I was in the United States Congress is that there was a tendency not to promote within the ranks,” Dean Bachmann said. “I saw a need for leadership, and that at times, we needed to demonstrate leadership … and it was extremely powerful because we acted within the roles and offer influence even though we weren’t the decision-makers.”

Nance agreed, “Women often wait to be asked to serve or to join or to lead. I think we need to be looking to the Lord and praying about what His will for our lives is and then putting ourselves forward There’s a lot of Deborahs and Esthers among us who are called to influence and called to lead, but somehow, we don’t think we’re worthy. Don’t be afraid to take risks, I say.”

Bachmann added, “I just want to say to the women who are listening right now that one of the greatest adventures of your life is to say yes to the still small voice of the Lord speaking into your spirit right now. Every time I have said yes to the Lord about something that maybe was a little scary, a little frightening, and that I didn’t feel I was good enough to do, every time, the Lord showed up. He’s equipped us to do it because inevitably it’s the right thing to do.”

Also in this inspirational conversation, Nance and Bachmann share how they pass on their faith and values to their own daughters, their advice to young women today as they prepare to enter the world, stories of the women who influenced them along their own journey, and much more.

As Nance told the panel, “We’ve gotten each other’s backs over the years, and I’m just incredibly grateful for that. It is such a beautiful thing, an example of the blessed way women can work together, working cooperatively and helping and supporting each other. It makes the journey so beautiful.”

You won’t want to miss this insightful and encouraging conversation!