Israel—Our Blessing from God

Nourish Your Biblical Roots promotion featuring Yael Eckstein and Michele Bachmann.

This past October—October 10, 2023 to be exact—Yael Eckstein planned to welcome Dean Michele Bachmann to the podcast to discuss the dean joining the board of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, as well as her lifelong love of Israel and her time spent there. Of course the Hamas attacks of October 7th changed those plans, and in the months since, Israel and those who support her have been busy simply meeting the needs of the Israeli people.

But in those long, hard months, Dean Bachmann has proven to be what she has always been—a true blessing to Israel—as she helps lead The Fellowship during these days when The Fellowship is needed, more than ever on the ground in the Holy Land.

A recent solidarity trip to Israel found Dean Bachmann and the rest of The Fellowship’s board visiting not only the sites of unimaginable violence and devastation left in the wake of Hamas’ attacks—including the kibbutz where Dean Bachmann once lived and worked as a teenager—but also some of the projects that The Fellowship and our faithful donors support, projects that are saving lives.

She shares about wounded IDF soldiers whose dedication to life gives her hope. She shares about elderly survivors of the Hamas attacks who have been given hope. She gives us all a glimpse into how Christians are blessing—and being blessed by—God’s people.

Listen now to learn about the current situation on the ground in Israel, and to learn what Christians in America—Christians like Michele Bachmann and like you—are doing to bless Israel.

Episode Notes:

When Michele Bachmann was just a teenager, she made her first trip to Israel with her church’s youth group. “It changed the course of my life,” she told Yael in a previous podcast visit, detailing her time living and working on a kibbutz in southern Israel.

In the years since, Bachmann has served in the U.S. Congress and is currently Dean for the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. And she has always been a friend of Israel—having visited more than 30 times, and this past year joining the board of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

A planned podcast to discuss Dean Bachmann’s newest role with The Fellowship was postponed in the immediate aftermath of the Hamas attacks of October 7th, and in the days since she has—as have The Fellowship and our faithful friends around the world—prayed fervently and worked feverishly to bless Israel’s people in their time of need.

After a recent solidarity trip by members of The Fellowship’s board visited sites of the terrorist attacks as well as scenes of lifesaving aid, Dean Bachmann sat down with Yael Eckstein to discuss this important work of people of faith to bless Israel.