A Heart for Israel

“Everything that I embrace as a Christian is rooted in the promises that God gave to the Jewish people.”

Of the many Christian friends of The Fellowship and of the Jewish state of Israel, none has a passion and calling stronger than that of Governor Mike Huckabee. His accomplishments—44th governor of Arkansas, presidential candidate, ordained Southern Baptist pastor, and TBN host—certainly show him to be a man of action and a man of God.

Gov. Huckabee recently put his godly heart for Israel into action by joining with The Fellowship at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville, TN. Before hosting a special media event that featured a conversation with an Israeli survivor of the October 7th attacks, he sat down with Fellowship Board Chair Bishop Paul Lanier to discuss his heart for Israel and what he experienced in a recent visit to the Holy Land.

Of this fellowship of faith between Christians and Jews and between America and Israel, Gov. Huckabee says, “This is a biblical mandate, and we need to stand on it and recognize that we should never ever allow the Jewish people to feel that they’re alone again.”

Episode Notes:

Mike Huckabee first had the opportunity to visit Israel fifty years ago. Having been to Israel more than 100 times in those five decades—including taking tens of thousands of visitors who he has “tried to show what Israel is all about,” Gov. Huckabee is certainly a friend of Israel and the Jewish people.

And despite having been to the Holy Land under “less than ideal conditions” in the past—including intifadas and other wars against terrorists seeking to destroy Israel—nothing could have prepared Gov. Huckabee “for the sobering experience of being there” in the wake of the October 7th attacks and the still-ongoing war with Hamas.

It is because of his heart for Israel and this current situation faced by Israel that Gov. Huckabee partnered with The Fellowship recently at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Nashville, TN.

Gov. Huckabee hosted a special media event in which he hosted Adele Raemer, an Israeli survivor of the Hamas attacks, to discuss that dark day and the difficult days, weeks, and months since. But before that, he took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with Bishop Paul Lanier, Fellowship Board Chairman, and discuss their shared heart for Israel and how Christians can stand for the Jewish people, which he says is “part of our stewardship of the Scripture.”