Extraordinary Times, Extraordinary Measures

Thanks to our Fellowship family members who provide sacrificially to bless God’s people, The Fellowship is able to help poor Holocaust survivors and elderly Jews in both the ordinary and extraordinary moments.

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps around the world, isolating and threatening the most vulnerable populations, The Fellowship is on the ground providing lifesaving aid to elderly Jews who otherwise would not survive.

This is an extraordinary moment in history, and we are taking extraordinary measures to care for God’s precious people.

While we are reorganizing our procedures in order to ensure the health and safety of our aid recipients, staff, and volunteers, we haven’t slowed down – in fact, we’ve done just the opposite.

The Fellowship is uniquely positioned to offer immediate emergency aid, serving 15,000 of Israel’s elderly population with food and basic needs. With the increased need, we have committed to helping an additional 15,000 elderly who are 75 and older. Many of these elderly are too frail to lift the emergency food boxes themselves. While taking precautions and distancing as much as possible, The Fellowship is delivering aid into homes to ensure the most vulnerable have what they need to survive.

Uniquely Positioned to Save Lives During the Coronavirus Pandemic

We’ve created a $5 million emergency fund to cope with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This fund will primarily support elderly Israelis, some of whom are Holocaust survivors, with packages of food, hand sanitizer, and other essential items. $2 million of the emergency fund includes special grants for hospitals that are experiencing less financial support and are at increased risk of collapse in the event of a coronavirus patient overload – allowing for increased purchasing of special testing devices and other lifesaving medical supplies.

Thanks to Christians and Jews who care about Israel and support these lifesaving efforts, Fellowship staff and volunteers in Israel are working around the clock to provide for elderly Jews and Holocaust survivors who are shut in their homes.

We’re urgently packing and providing lifesaving food boxes to ensure that not one person who is too fragile to leave their home goes hungry during the sacred season of Passover and all year long. No one will go hungry on The Fellowship’s watch.

Join the movement: Provide food and emergency relief and save the life of a Holocaust survivor

As The Fellowship continues to mobilize lifesaving aid for the most vulnerable in Israel, we are counting on caring Christians and Jews to lend a helping hand to ensure we can reach everyone affected by the coronavirus pandemic emergency.

This holy work has never been more important than right now. Your partnership has never meant more than it does right now.