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The first group of Russian Jews is airlifted to Israel by the On Wings of Eagles program, which has since brought hundreds of thousands of Jews to Israel from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, Argentina and other distressed countries.

English Meaning: Rescue

Hebrew Translation: הצלה

Theme: Wings of Eagles

Hebrew Word of the Day, Theme, Spring, Flowers

Chodesh Iyar

April 22, 2018

Theme: Spring

Hebrew Translation: חודש אייר
Meaning: Month of lyar

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Yom HaAtzmaut

April 20, 2018

Theme: Independence Day

Hebrew Translation: יום הצמאות
Meaning: Israel Independence Day

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Yom Hazikaron

April 19, 2018

Theme: Independence Day

Hebrew Translation: יום הזיכרון
Meaning: Israel Memorial Day

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