Rabbi Eckstein

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A Great Man, a Great Jew, and a Great Zionist’

Three of Israel's leaders mourn the passing of Rabbi Eckstein.

Stand For Israel

Rabbi Eckstein Was a Bridge to Christians

Rabbi Jeffrey Salkin remembers Rabbi Eckstein, saying that his eulogy is "all that he did, and all that he got others to do."

Stand For Israel

Photo Friday: You Are Not Alone

This week, Rabbi Eckstein and Yael paid a visit to the heroic IDF soldiers on the tense Gaza border, where they relayed a message from friends of Israel like you.

Stand For Israel

Christians and Jews, Together in Fellowship

At the recent Fellowship gala, Christians and Jews from around the world gathered to celebrate their unity, support the Jewish state, and mark Israel's upcoming 70th birthday.

Stand For Israel

Support a Free, Independent Kurdish State

Rabbi Eckstein voices this need for U.S.-Israel solidarity in a statement supporting Kurdish independence.

Stand For Israel

Remembering One of Israel’s Founding Fathers

Shimon Peres, whose political career spanned almost the entire life of the modern Jewish state, passed away one year ago. May the memory of this inspirational statesman and servant be a blessing.

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Rabbi Eckstein Named to Jerusalem Post’s 50 Most Influential Jews

Because of the social assistance The Fellowship provides Israel and Jewish people around the world, as well as the bridges it builds between Christians and Jews, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein has been named the 23rd most influential Jew by The Jerusalem Post.

Stand For Israel

Watch Rabbi Eckstein and Glenn Beck on Facebook Live!

Rabbi Eckstein will be the special guest of Glenn Beck on Thursday, August 4 for a Facebook Live event from Dallas, Texas, beginning at 11:30 am CST.

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