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Israel Heads to Elections for Second Time This Year

With Israel's government unable to form a coalition, the Knesset has voted to hold another election in September.

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A Bible on the Moon

Speaking at the International Bible Quiz for Youth, PM Netanyahu cited Scripture as Israel's source of "intiative, determination, and daring."

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Bibi Visits Wounded Soldiers

Ahead of Yom HaZikaron (Israel's Memorial Day), PM Netanyahu paid a visit to soldiers injured during the past week's fighting, noting that "rules of the game" in Gaza have changed.

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Bibi: Gaza Campaign Not Over, Requires Patience and Judgment

After a weekend of rocket attacks, PM Netanyahu discussed the IDF's response to the terror from Gaza.

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Bibi Denounces ‘Systematic Vilification’ of Israel

In his Holocaust memorial address, PM Netanyahu lauded Israel's ascent from the ashes, but warned of the threats the nation still faces.

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Stories of Awful Tragedy and Supreme Heroism

PM Netanyahu met with the six Holocaust survivors who will light torches on Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and listened as they shared their stories.

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Knesset Sworn In, Bibi Inaugurated as PM

Yesterday, the 21st Israeli parliament began, while Benjamin Netanyahu started his fifth term as Israeli premier.

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Bibi to Name Golan Town After Trump

To honor the recent recognition of the Golan Heights, Israeli PM plans to name a town in the region after Donald Trump.

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Bibi Vows to Be PM for ‘Jews and Non-Jews as One’

At an event marking his election win, PM Netanyahu said he won't be deterred by the media's "explicit threats" and promised to lead all of Israel.

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Bibi Secures Majority Backing as PM

With 10 of the 11 parties that will make up the Knesset having given their recommendations for Israel's prime minister, Netanyahu has formal support.

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Trump: Bibi Win Means Better Chance for Peace

The American president congratulates PM Netanyahu on his electoral victory, adding, "I think we'll see some pretty good actions in terms of peace."

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Bibi Lauds ‘Incredible Victory’

With a clear path to a coalition, Netanyahu vows to form right-wing government and "be PM of all of Israel."

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