Fulfilling Prophecy

God says in Jeremiah 16:15, “I will restore them to the land I gave their ancestors.” There is nothing more exciting than seeing these ancient prophecies come to life today, thanks to the ongoing help of faithful friends of The Fellowship! Together, we are bringing the remnants of Israel from the “four corners of the earth” home to the Holy Land — with planes lifting off weekly! New immigrants come from all over the world, many of them facing insurmountable challenges like violent anti-Semitism and persecution, economic crisis, and poverty.

Our help doesn’t stop with a plane ticket. We make sure that each new immigrant in Israel has what they need to become a productive citizen of the Holy Land by offering job and Hebrew language training, basic needs and housing, and dedicated social workers to help them navigate their new life in Israel!

Deliverance from Anti-Semitism

Emergency Freedom Flights Boarding Help Now

Overwhelmed with gratitude, Olena says, “In Israel, we don’t need to feel embarrassed or hide the fact that we’re Jews. We can celebrate the holidays and live a Jewish life without shame.”

A Double Blessing in Aliyah

Couple looking directly into the camera with the Israeli flag behind them.

When they boarded that initial flight in Kiev, we did not know he would soon be facing a life-threatening medical condition. They share their gratitude for donors of The Fellowship.

A New Life in Israel

Rabbi Eckstein and girls welcome Freedom Flight

Because of you, The Fellowship can provide needs for Jews like Volodymyr and Olena to begin a new life in Israel — airfare, language classes, job training, and more to start off right in the Holy Land.

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