208 New Immigrants from Ukraine Celebrate First Hanukkah in the Holy Land, Thanks to Fellowship’s Christian Supporters

JERUSALEM, Dec. 19 – A planeload of 208 new immigrants from Ukraine celebrated their first Hanukkah in Israel after landing in Tel Aviv on a Freedom Flight today, thanks to millions of Christian supporters of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship).

The Ukraine immigrants — the latest to come to Israel with The Fellowship — arrived on the eighth and last day of Hanukkah. The Fellowship provided the newcomers with an Israeli breakfast, Hanukkah jelly doughnuts, and candy for the children in the group, while the new immigrants also lit the eighth Hanukkah candle on a menorah at the airport.

Welcoming the group for this special holiday occasion was Israel’s Minister of Immigration and Absorption, Sofa Landver. “It is so symbolic that you arrived in Israel at the height of the Festival of Lights – Hanukkah. You are adding a lot of light to the State of Israel, and I hope that your first Hanukkah lights in Israel will light your way to building a new home” in the Jewish state, she told the arrivals.

Fellowship representatives, including the Director-General of the organization’s Israel office, Jeff Kaye, and Global Executive Vice President, Yael Eckstein, also welcomed the immigrants. “You’ve arrived just at the right time,” she told the group. “Today we’re celebrating the Hanukkah holiday. This is the only holiday we celebrate that happened here in the Land of Israel. Like the miracle of Hanukkah, it’s a big miracle that you’ve arrived.”

Among the immigrants were members of the Zhelezniakov family, spanning three generations. “We were always connected to Judaism, but we did not want to leave our senior positions and start our life all over again in Israel. Now that we have reached retirement age, we decided that it was time to make aliyah, and our children and our grandchildren decided to join us,” said Anna Zhelezniakov.

After their arrival the immigrants headed to their new homes across Israel, including in Arad, Acre, Eilat, Netanya, and Nahariya. Each immigrant family will receive nearly $4,300 from the Israel Ministry of Immigration and Absorption, while The Fellowship will also give them $800 per adult and $400 per child upon arrival, in addition to providing assistance with schooling, housing, living essentials such as furniture, employment training, and more.

According to the ministry, 27,856 immigrants have arrived in Israel this year, including 6,760 immigrants from Russia, 6,709 Ukraine immigrants, 3,270 from France and 2,772 from the U.S. The Fellowship, which has been playing an increasing role in supporting immigration to Israel, brought more than one third of the new immigrants from 26 countries (besides North America and the UK) where Jews are experiencing economic challenges, rising anti-Semitism or security threats. Since late 2014, The Fellowship has brought nearly 12,000 new immigrants to Israel, including the latest arrivals today.

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