Ministry Partners

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Governor and Host of “Huckabee”

“I strongly believe that supporting Israel is one of the most meaningful things a believer can do. This is why I’m partnering with Israel’s most impactful relief organization, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.”

Gordon Robertson

Christian Broadcasting Network

"Yael Eckstein is carrying on her family's legacy as a modern-day Esther - for such a time as this. May the bridge her father built become a super-highway."

Rev. Pat Robertson

Founder and Chairman, CBN

"I commend Rabbi Eckstein for the work that he's doing… to alert us all to the biblical roots of modern-day Israel and also to encourage Christians to involve themselves in supporting Israel and the Jewish people… we must support Israel and the Jewish people."

Gary Bauer

President, American Values

I am convinced that because of this organization, because of people like Rabbi Eckstein, and because of millions of men and women like you, we are going to win.

Pat Boone

Entertainer, Pat Boone Enterprises

"What Rabbi Eckstein is doing has been, and continues to be, very important because…he's tried to be a mediator, to try to explain evangelicals to the Jewish community and explain the Jewish community to the evangelicals…I think he's performed a tremendous role."

Talal Al-Kimawi

Mayor, Rahat

In my name and the name of all the residents of [Rahat], I give you blessings and much love.

Avi Pazner

Chairman, Keren Hayesod

How proud we are to be The Fellowship's partner. Because of you, we have discovered a new world of friendship with the Christian people, and Keren Hayesod (United Israel Appeal) is growing and developing. Kol Hakavod (all the power) to your organization. Thank you.

Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

"Rabbi, your life and ministry has blessed us beyond measure. We feel like we've been there right from the very beginning, like I said, to support The Fellowship's efforts to connect Christians and their Jewish roots, to stand for Israel and support God's people, all through vital humanitarian aid, and for the elderly and for the children, the most vulnerable living in Israel and in other parts of the world."

Rev. Jerry Falwell (Deceased)

Chancellor, Liberty University

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is an organization that is bringing Christians and Jews together. They're teaching and sensitizing both groups on important issues in an attempt to build bridges of understanding and cooperation. They have done an excellent job over the years and I support them fully.

Dr. Bill Bright (Deceased)

Former President, Campus Crusade for Christ

I share Rabbi Eckstein's heart to build better bridges of communication. May God bless him in a special way as he continues his good ministry for Him.

Rich Buhler (Deceased)

Author, speaker, broadcaster

What God has done through the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and especially the On Wings of Eagles campaign of bringing Jews back to the land from all over the world, is historic. It is, in my view, the greatest outflow of love from the Christian community to the Jewish community.

Willie George

Church on the Way/Willie George Ministries

It is my honor today to say thanks to a wonderful man used of God to do a great work, fulfilling the scriptures, bringing home God's people to the land that He gave them. And Rabbi Eckstein, we salute you for this wonderful work, for what you have done over the past 25 years. Here at Church on the Move we are very much a part of what you do and we appreciate it. We want to say congratulations and thank you.

Dr. David W. Clark

Former President, Palm Beach Atlantic University

"I've known Rabbi Eckstein for many years. He's a man with a great passion for Israel and a great love of Christians. And what he's done is not easy- to span the gulf between the Jewish community and the Christian community…I commend the Rabbi for his good work for what he's done [to help émigrés]…I think that the work of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is very significant. And I would commend anyone to look at what they are and then give support, because it's worthy of support. It's a wonderful effort."

Paula White

Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center

Rabbi Eckstein, you're a wonderful man of integrity, and it is an honor to stand with you here. We are here out of the same passion, love, and purpose, and that is to stand for Israel.

Dr. W.A. Criswell (Deceased)

Pastor Emeritus, First Baptist Church

Rabbi Eckstein is a genuinely remarkable man with the rare ability to transcend the Jewish community and become a spokesman for Jews in understanding their evangelical friends.

William Bennett

Former U.S. Secretary of Education

"You know what a big fan I am of The Fellowship and the things you are doing in the area of religious persecution abroad are quite impressive. Please keep me informed of the progress you make… I appreciate your wisdom and your good works."

Richard Land

President, Southern Evangelical Seminary

What Rabbi Eckstein is doing has been, and continues to be, very important because...he's tried to be a mediator, to try to explain evangelicals to the Jewish community and explain the Jewish community to the evangelicals...I think he's performed a tremendous role.

Dr. James C. Dobson

Founder, Focus on the Family

"I'm aware of your own efforts to defend righteousness… it's heartening to know that you and other members of the Jewish community are standing with us [Christians] in striving to defend biblical truths."

Tamar Bloom Tal

Manager of Keren Hadera

The help we get from Christians in the U.S. is great. We were amazed in the beginning that they cared about Israel's welfare and security, and we still are. It warms our hearts to see the friendship, love, and support they give us. We really thank them.

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