She Prayed Blessings Over Us

Simcha lived most of her life in fear, surrounded by persecution and death in Iran. When given the chance, she left everything and fled to a new life in Israel.

But now, years later and widowed, Simcha has nothing. Her tiny apartment is dark and cold. She has little more than a bed and a few pieces of clothing to her name. Simcha is completely unable to care for herself with little support besides us.

If it were not for the compassionate, loving care of Christians like you, who through The Fellowship, provide basic food, warm clothes, and medicines, Simcha would not survive. It is through friends like you that God provides for her needs others facing persecution or extreme poverty.

Together with God, you and I become the “defender of widows” like Simcha.

The Fellowship visited Simcha to deliver a lifesaving food box. All of us there were humbled as Simcha prayed for us and with tear-filled eyes offered blessings over us.

Tragically, there are so many more elderly Jews like Simcha who have nothing and nowhere else to turn, or facing persecution and in need of rescue.

You can join with The Fellowship to be a blessing to elderly Jewish widows in need today.

Your heartfelt gift becomes a direct blessing and answer to prayer for an elderly Jew today.

Your gift can bring joy, hope, and lifesaving food to a desperately needy widow like Simcha.


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