A Double Blessing in Aliyah

Vladimir and his wife, Ludmila, were on the very first Fellowship Freedom Flight from Ukraine.

When they boarded that initial flight in Kiev, we did not know Vladimir would soon be facing a life-threatening medical condition. But thanks to expert care in their new home of Netanya, Israel, he was treated successfully for a clogged artery that could have easily taken his life.

Finding such care in war-ravaged Ukraine would have been very difficult—if not impossible!

In tearful gratitude, Ludmila wrote us to say: “Thank you! We owe Vladimir’s life to you. I can’t tell you how happy we are to be in Israel. God bless you all.”

And today, that is why we ask you to help provide even more freedom airlifts bringing Jews out of lands of danger and hatred in answer to the biblical prophecy, “I will beckon to the nations…they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their hips” (Isaiah 49:22).

Freedom Flights are being planned for the former Soviet Union, South America, Europe, and Arab lands. We must act with urgency as Jews in distressed countries face the ravages of war, deadly terrorism, and vicious anti-Semitism.

This sacred and prophetic effort is a significant commitment that is only possible with your help. Please send your gift today.


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