On Wings of Eagles

On Wings of Eagles

A Dream Come True

More Jews from Ukraine are being rescued on Freedom Flights to begin their new lives in the Holy Land. We are deeply thankful to God for our Fellowship friends who make this prophetic miracle happen.

On Wings of Eagles

Leaving No One Behind

You can help bring an endangered Jewish person suffering persecution to their true home in Israel on the next Freedom Flight.

On Wings of Eagles

Freedom Flights Boarding Soon

You can help fulfill prophecy and bring an endangered Jewish person home to Israel on the next Freedom Flight boarding soon.

On Wings of Eagles

No Better Way to Celebrate Aliyah Day

Aliyah Day is a celebratory holiday in Israel honoring the ingathering of God’s people. We can think of no better way to celebrate than by providing prophetic rescue for Jews in desperate need. Join in this prophetic celebration with your gift today.

On Wings of Eagles

The Gift of Rescue and New Life

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, The Fellowship's rescued and given new life to Jewish people who otherwise would be facing deep-rooted anti-Semitism and hatred.

On Wings of Eagles

25 Years of Prophetic Rescue

Thanks to committed global partners and friends who care, The Fellowship has rescued more than 750,000 Jewish people over the past 25 years through On Wings of Eagles Freedom Flights.

On Wings of Eagles

A Double Blessing in Aliyah

When they boarded that initial flight in Kiev, we did not know he would soon be facing a life-threatening medical condition. They share their gratitude for donors of The Fellowship.

On Wings of Eagles

Help Get Them Home

Our Jewish brothers and sisters are in CRISIS. Homes and businesses are being vandalized, and areas of eastern Ukraine are burned to the ground. Elderly Holocaust survivors are being threatened by their anti-Semitic neighbors.

On Wings of Eagles

Help David and His Family Escape the Nightmare of Anti-Semitism

Tens of thousands of needy Jews — the remnants of Israel — are living with the nightmare of anti-Semitism all over the world. David, a father of five, is trapped in the anti-Jewish hatred there.

On Wings of Eagles

Can a Prophetic Return Prevent Another Holocaust?

The same deadly anti-Semitism that led the Nazis to cruelly exterminate 6 million Jews is growing stronger and spreading even farther today. Unquestionably, now is the time to save more Jewish lives. And that is what The Fellowship is doing in our prophetic, lifesaving work through On Wings of Eagles Freedom Flights — bringing suffering Jews to the Holy Land!


An Orphan Finds a New Home in the Holy Land

David and his brother Jacob were raised by elderly parents in the Ukraine. Their mom died when David was only six years old and their father died shortly after. The brothers were then raised by their grandmother, their only living relative. David recalls his childhood as "very hard."

On Wings of Eagles

A Dream Come True in Israel

Lous and her two children — ages 7 and 12 — immigrated to Israel four months ago from Colombia, where they lived in fear and danger. Nearly everyone in this single mother's town was anti-Semitic, so the family kept their Jewish identity secret.

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