Isaiah 58

Marfa, an elderly Holocaust survivor who has spent a lifetime alone in rural Ukraine

Isaiah 58

A Lifetime of Loneliness

From the horrors she witnessed during the Holocaust to the traumas she faced later in life, Marfa depends on Fellowship friends for care and companionship, especially as the holidays arrive.

Viktor, lonely 90 year old Jewish man in Kazakhstan

Isaiah 58

Lonely No Longer

90-year-old Viktor's life had turned to one of loneliness and despair - until Fellowship friends stepped in with compassion and care.

Sima, an elderly Jewish woman in Kyrgyzstan fighting poverty and loneliness

Isaiah 58

A Panic of Loneliness

All alone except for the Fellowship friends who remember her, this elderly Jewish woman must survive on just $84 a month.

Ganna, Holocaust survivor in Ukraine who The Fellowship is helping

Isaiah 58

Helping Each Other

The Holocaust took everything from 90-year-old Ganna, but Fellowship friends around the world have given her hope ahead of the holiday season.

Holocaust survivor Dominca with sewing machine

Isaiah 58

Life Is So Good

All alone except for her sewing machine, this 102-year-old Jewish Holocaust survivor in rural Ukraine depends on the love of Christians around the world.

Ukrainian Jewish children in abandoned barracks

Isaiah 58

Abandoned No More

Living in a crumbling, century-old abandoned barracks, Valeria and Alice had no hope until Fellowship friends stepped in.

Better times lay ahead for Sophia, whose impoverished family receives a Fellowship food box

Isaiah 58

A Better Life

Thanks to the love and care of Fellowship friends, little Sophia looks ahead to better days, ones not spent cold and hungry.

Ukrianian Jewish girl, Alexandra, wearing a purple and pink hat standing in an open doorway

Isaiah 58

The Day the Gate Creaked Open

Open hearts and love from friends around the world saved the life of a hungry little Jewish girl in Ukraine.

Nazar, Ukrainian Jewish boy with heart defect in his grandmother's hut

Isaiah 58

Born with a Broken Heart

Nazar knew no friends. He knew no love. He knew nothing but a broken heart. Then faithful Fellowship friends came along.

Forgotten family from Ukraine

Isaiah 58

Forgotten No More

This forgotten Jewish family lived in a forgotten hut in a forgotten part of Ukraine. But thanks to YOU, they now have hope.

Young Ukrainian Jewish boy, Ilya, alone with his grandparents

Isaiah 58

Alone in the World

Thanks to loving Fellowship friends around the world, a young Jewish boy is no longer alone and the lives of his family have been changed for the better!

elderly woman, walker, eyes closed, black and multicolored patterned shirt

Isaiah 58

Extraordinary Generosity

When Elena’s neighbors hear about how you are helping her, they marvel at the kindness of our Christian brothers and sisters. Thank you for being a light in the darkness for Elena and so many other vulnerable Jews. Your extraordinary generosity is all that is keeping them alive.

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