Isaiah 58

Paulina, Holocaust survivor who says Fellowship are her angels

Isaiah 58

Angels for Paulina

After a lifetime of hardship that began as her family fled the Nazis during the Holocaust, Paulina has Fellowship friends who haven't forgotten her.

Svetlana, a Holocaust survivor with cerebral palsy, who has faced many challenges

Isaiah 58

Facing Life’s Challenges

Born with cerebral palsy as the Holocaust threatened her Jewish family, Svetlana has overcome challenges her entire life.

Raisa, Holocaust survivor from Belarus

Isaiah 58

Remembering Raisa

Raisa hasn’t forgotten losing her mother and sister during the Holocaust. And she knows that you haven’t forgotten her.

Elderly Holocaust survivor Irina looks out window in fear

Isaiah 58

A Lifetime of Fear

Irina survived the Holocaust, Soviet rule, and now the ongoing pandemic, which has been made easier because of Fellowship friends like you.

Roza, Holocaust survivor who's lived more than a century in years

Isaiah 58

A Century of Sorrow

At 101 years of age, Roza has spent nearly a century - from Nazi-occupied Europe to a Communist gulag - facing unimaginable persecution because of her Jewish faith.

Mariya, a tired and lonely Holocaust survivor in Ukraine

Isaiah 58

Tired of Being Alone

Thanks to Fellowship friends around the world, this tired and lonely Holocaust survivor knows she is not forgotten.

Yuri, an elderly and disabled Jewish man in FSU whose heart and home The Fellowship is warming

Isaiah 58

Warming Yuri’s Heart and Home

Yuri’s life is challenging because of physical and mental disabilities. But you are his one lifeline, bringing food, warmth, and love.

Raisa, only member of her Jewish family still alive in Ukrainian village

Isaiah 58

The Only One Alive

Raisa has spent 90 years in the same village the Nazis invaded in WWII. And now, the only one left from her family, she depends on you for food, warmth, and kindness.

Elderly Jewish woman, Varvara, who as a Jewish girl was left alone in her Ukrainian village

Isaiah 58

The Only Jewish Girl in the Village

When the Nazis and Communists both overtook her village, Varvara was left all alone. But you have remembered her.

Nina, Holocaust survivor whose family was killed at Babi Yar Massacre

Isaiah 58

‘It’s Too Much’

Nina lost her entire family at Babi Yar. And the decades since haven't been easy for this Holocaust survivor… until Fellowship friends showed her love.

Maria, elderly woman in Ukraine who Fellowship friends are saving

Isaiah 58

Saving Maria’s Life

Thank you to Fellowship friends for saving this elderly Holocaust survivor from starvation and cold this winter.

Lylia, elderly Jewish woman in rural Ukraine, Winter 2020

Isaiah 58

Waiting for God – and You

Love from caring Christians around the world keeps Lylia going. But this winter, countless other elderly Jews – many of them Holocaust survivors – just like her need that same love.

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