A Perfect Time to Stand for Israel

April 19th, 2018 marked the celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary on Independence Day (Yom HaAtzmaut in Hebrew)! We have come to this special moment under the Lord’s protection, and through His gift of true and undying friends who “Stand for Israel.”

Committed supporters of The Fellowship are acting in faith to strengthen Israel in significant ways that truly matter, but as tensions are running high in Israel due to terrorist threats, the nation and her people continue to need steadfast commitment.

You can show your support for Israel with a special gift to care for and help strengthen Israel’s most vulnerable people.

They are “the least of these” in the Holy Land, including Bolor, a 90-year-old widow who is in extremely poor health.

Bolor spends most of her time in bed, and can only get around her small apartment in a wheelchair. She would be utterly destitute without the regular food packages Fellowship friends make possible through generous gifts.

This compassionate care has also provided Bolor with a much-needed hospital bed.

Suffering people like Bolor are the reason we want to be a special encouragement and blessing to Israel on this Independence Day.

Helping impoverished families, children, and the elderly with food, basic medicines, shelter, clothing, and other essentials is a tangible way you can contribute to a strong and independent Israel.

And until the blessed day when Israel’s true peace and security comes, we will also continue to answer this call for the nation’s security: “Lift up a banner [for Israel]…Reinforce the guard, station the watchmen” (Jeremiah 51:12).

Your gift today will be a ringing response to this biblical mandate because of the life-affirming care and protection it will provide!

Please prayerfully consider making your best now to help strengthen Israel and her people.


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