As Rockets Were Falling

More than a hundred rockets and mortars were fired into Israel recently. Terrorists have also started fires by sending kites with incendiary materials, burning down thousands of acres of fields and nature reserves.

Most rockets were aimed at densely populated civilian areas, and thankfully were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. But some hit residential areas – and one even struck near a kindergarten.

This photo shows children in southern Israel sitting in a bomb shelter reading psalms as rockets are falling. When we see these innocent children sheltering themselves from attack we know that the battle Israel is fighting is biblical. It’s good versus evil. It’s life versus death.

The Fellowship has been on the ground visiting communities in the line of fire, and using all our resources, to help those in need.

We’re showing empathy for and supporting vulnerable Israelis, including the elderly, children, and new olim (immigrants), by providing for their basic needs, and helping those suffering from acute fear and anxiety due to the escalation of tensions in the area.

You can help strengthen Israel with your lifesaving gift now to help the most vulnerable in the Holy Land. Please give to The Fellowship today.


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