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Guardians of Israel

Summer Heat In The Holy Land

The Fellowship is committed to doing God’s work, responding to emergency needs like hydration and increased medical care during these sweltering months, to ensure the widows and elderly Jews we serve together can survive another summer.

Guardians of Israel

Keeping Her Story Alive

When we arrived, she had nearly nothing to eat in her kitchen. What would she have done without you?

Guardians of Israel

A Perfect Time to Stand for Israel

Your committed support strengthens Israel and her people in significant ways that truly matter and provides life-affirming care for elderly Jews like Bolor.

Guardians of Israel

We Got There Just In Time

Sofia expressed how deeply thankful she is for Fellowship donors who share their love and compassion with her — calling you her only companions. “Thank you so much! There are not enough words to say thank you to you. And I speak on behalf of all the elderly and others you help.” But what will Sofia do this month?

Guardians of Israel

A Man of Faith

As Yael honors her father, carrying on his legacy into the next 36 years, you can further the mission that he dedicated his life to, helping Christians and Jews fulfill their biblical mandate to bless Israel and her people.

Guardians of Israel

Celebrating Jerusalem Day

In May alone, thousands of Christians and Jews rallied around Israel in so many beautiful ways, showing Israel and her people once again who their true friends are.

Guardians of Israel

Providing Comfort to the Brave Defenders of Israel

From a young age, when people would ask Dror what he aspired to be, he would immediately answer "a soldier in the Israeli army that protects God's Promised Land."

Guardians of Israel

Let Us Answer the Call to Stand for Israel!

We believe we must answer our collective spiritual calling (Genesis 12:3) to bless Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, by giving generously. Give monthly to help all year round!

Guardians of Israel

Grena’s Plight

Imagine being trapped inside your home for over a year and a half—with no hope and no help. This was Grena's plight.


A Blessing of Food and Faith

Frieda often goes without food in order to buy the medicine she needs to survive. Help provide food and necessary provisions so this precious Jewish soul can observe Passover.


An Impossible Decision

Deciding between medical care and daily food is a harsh reality for Miryam, much less buying the special foods needed to observe Passover with dignity and hope.


She Prayed Blessings Over Us

If it were not for the compassionate, loving care of Christians like you, who through The Fellowship, provide basic food, warm clothes, and medicines, Simcha would not survive.


Elana Still Needs You

As many Fellowship friends rush Passover Food Blessings to feed impoverished Jews for Passover 2019, learn about the life-changing impact your compassion has on those you are helping.


Desperate Mother Calls Passover Food Box “a miracle”

There are too many desperate Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and children going hungry this very moment. Take a moment to change a life today with your best Passover gift!

On Wings of Eagles

The Gift of Rescue and New Life

Because of the compassionate support of friends like you, The Fellowship's rescued and given new life to Jewish people who otherwise would be facing deep-rooted anti-Semitism and hatred.

On Wings of Eagles

Freedom Flights Boarding Soon

You can honor Rabbi Eckstein in a special way by bringing an endangered Jewish person home to Israel on a Rabbi Eckstein Memorial Freedom Flight.

Isaiah 58

Holocaust Remembrance Day

As we observed International Holocaust Remembrance Day Sunday, January 27th, may we pledge to always remember those who died. But also to act to help those who survived — and who still cry out for our help today.


For Such a Time as This

Together, we can fulfill God’s mandate to “comfort ye, comfort ye” His people (Isaiah 40:1). Will you answer the call to join our monthly giving family?

On Wings of Eagles

Helping Lives at Risk Make Aliyah

You can rescue an endangered Jewish person from the "four corners of the earth" and bring them to Israel on the next Fellowship Freedom Flight through your gift today! 

High Holy Days

Yael’s Visit With Marusia

Watch and see Marusia's sweet smile and laughter, and may you feel the same warmth and joy our Fellowship friends brought her through compassionate High Holy Days support.

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