Stories From Those You Help

Paulina, Holocaust survivor who says Fellowship are her angels

Isaiah 58

Angels for Paulina

After a lifetime of hardship that began as her family fled the Nazis during the Holocaust, Paulina has Fellowship friends who haven't forgotten her.

Svetlana, a Holocaust survivor with cerebral palsy, who has faced many challenges

Isaiah 58

Facing Life’s Challenges

Born with cerebral palsy as the Holocaust threatened her Jewish family, Svetlana has overcome challenges her entire life.

Raisa, Holocaust survivor from Belarus

Isaiah 58

Remembering Raisa

Raisa hasn’t forgotten losing her mother and sister during the Holocaust. And she knows that you haven’t forgotten her.

Elderly Holocaust survivor Irina looks out window in fear

Isaiah 58

A Lifetime of Fear

Irina survived the Holocaust, Soviet rule, and now the ongoing pandemic, which has been made easier because of Fellowship friends like you.

Roza, Holocaust survivor who's lived more than a century in years

Isaiah 58

A Century of Sorrow

At 101 years of age, Roza has spent nearly a century - from Nazi-occupied Europe to a Communist gulag - facing unimaginable persecution because of her Jewish faith.

Ninel, a widow in Israel receiving a Passover food box


Passover Hope for a Lonely Widow

Ninel is a widow in Israel whose life of loneliness and poverty is made better because of Fellowship friends, especially during the Passover season.

Elderly painter in Israel, Michael


Passover Hope for a Holy Land Painter

This elderly painter in Israel lost his wife and family, and all he has left this Passover is his artwork and Fellowship friends like you.

Miryam, elderly Jewish woman who suffers from blindness and loneliness


‘I Can’t Stop Thinking of My Loneliness’

Throughout her life, Miryam has lost her eyesight and her family, and now all she has left are Fellowship friends like you.

Roman, mentally disabled Jewish man in Kyrgyzstan


Passover Hope for Roman

This developmentally disabled Jewish man named Roman would have a bleak life, but you give him hope during Passover and all year round.

Yunona, who remembers celebrating Passover in the Soviet Union


Remembering God’s Deliverance

Throughout her life, Yunona has stayed faithful, despite living under Nazi and Soviet persecution, and still celebrates Passover thanks to you.

Mother Tatiana and son Vlad


A Jewish Mother Struggles to Provide

Caring for her elderly mother and young son in the small room of a hostel they share on the border where she serves, Tatiana depends on help from Fellowship friends.

Mariya, a tired and lonely Holocaust survivor in Ukraine

Isaiah 58

Tired of Being Alone

Thanks to Fellowship friends around the world, this tired and lonely Holocaust survivor knows she is not forgotten.

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