Stories From Those You Help

On Wings of Eagles

A New Home in Israel

Just when all hope was lost, YOU helped bring a single mother and her young daughter home to safety in Israel.

On Wings of Eagles

Out of the House and Home to Israel

A wheelchair-bound Jewish girl from Uzbekistan had never left her home. Now, thanks to you, she's in her biblical homeland of Israel.

On Wings of Eagles

‘My Home Is in Israel’

An olim from the former Soviet Union and YOU have “the opportunity to help Jewish people come home to Israel.”

On Wings of Eagles

‘The Land of Our Ancestors’

"This is my country and the place for me to be." This is the heartfelt gratitude expressed by so many Jewish people who you help bring home to Israel.

Isaiah 58

Extraordinary Generosity

When Elena’s neighbors hear about how you are helping her, they marvel at the kindness of our Christian brothers and sisters. Thank you for being a light in the darkness for Elena and so many other vulnerable Jews. Your extraordinary generosity is all that is keeping them alive.

Isaiah 58

Extraordinary Tragedy. Extraordinary Hope.

Our healthcare workers are such a blessing, especially in these extraordinary times. Will you respond to God’s call to show extraordinary compassion to His extraordinary people in these extraordinary times?

Isaiah 58

Extraordinary Love

We cannot abandon vulnerable and elderly Jews like Galina and Vladimir. They cannot care for themselves, and they have NO ONE else to care for them. You are their only hope. Please give generously today.


Your Compassion Can Reach the Most Vulnerable

Because of your love of Israel and the Jewish people, we are humbly asking you to give monthly to help us save even more lives!

Isaiah 58

An Extraordinary Opportunity

The world has turned upside down, but nothing can stop our holy mission. When God’s people come together in faith, we can do the extraordinary. Extraordinary survivors should NOT live their final days alone and afraid. Please give as much as God allows today and bring lifesaving care to survivors like Faina.

Isaiah 58

You Are a Hero

With this global pandemic spreading now to the former Soviet Union ever more rapidly, we must do everything we can to protect and provide for fragile survivors like Katerina.

Guardians of Israel

Let Us Answer the Call to Stand for Israel!

We believe we must answer our collective spiritual calling (Genesis 12:3) to bless Abraham’s descendants, the Jewish people, by giving generously. Give monthly to help all year round!

Guardians of Israel

A Passover to Remember

Because of your faithful friendship, we were able to deliver an Emergency Passover Food Box filled to the brim with nutritious staples and Passover food, as well as sanitation items like toilet paper, soap, and gloves. But our work is not done!

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