• Project Spotlight: Passover Clothing Cards for Kids in Need
    As part of The Fellowship's overall Passover assistance, we are providing clothing cards to 20,000 of Israel's neediest children.
  • Passover Devotional Guide
    Deepen your understanding of Judaism's most ancient observance, Passover, through this timeless collection of spiritual insights from Fellowship Founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Download your complimentary copy today.
  • Passover Vocabulary
    Find out how many Passover words you know!
  • Passover Crossword Puzzle
    Complete this crossword puzzle using words found in story of the first Passover.
  • Passover Coloring Book
    Download our free coloring book all about the Seder meal.
  • Passover Word Search
    See how many words you can find from the story of the Exodus and Passover.
  • The Story of Passover
    Want to know more about Passover story? Download our free easy-to-read story.
  • Passover — The Festival of Unleavened Bread
    Learn more about the Passover observance from insights and devotional thoughts from Rabbi Eckstein's book, Holy Days of Israel.
  • Project Spotlight: Clothing Distribution for Passover
    This week, Jews around the world are celebrating Passover, the holiday that commemorates God’s rescue of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago. It’s such a special time, but for many needy Jews, it’s also a reminder that there is so much they don’t have. As part of The Fellowship‘s Passover program, we provided clothing cards to […]
  • Project Spotlight: Passover Outreach in Israel
    For the Jewish people, Passover is a sacred time of celebrating God’s rescue of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery thousands of years ago. But for Israeli Jews who are trapped in poverty, this holiday is anything but celebratory – and is often just another day of doing without needed food, medicine, shelter, or clothing. That’s […]
  • Project Spotlight: Passover Outreach in the FSU
    Thanks to the generosity of our faithful friends, The Fellowship is helping impoverished Jews in the former Soviet Union (FSU) celebrate the upcoming Passover holiday with their needs met and in accordance with biblical instruction. The Fellowship is distributing more than 45,000 food cards so that able-bodied Jews in the FSU can go to the grocery store to […]
  • Fellowship Crossword Puzzle – Passover
    Test your word searching skills with our crossword puzzle on Passover!

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