• Project Spotlight: Passover Food Deliveries
    To ensure that impoverished Jewish elderly and families have the special foods they need to celebrate Passover, which begins on April 19th this year, The Fellowship is making deliveries in the FSU.
  • Desperate Mother Calls Passover Food Box “a miracle”
    There are too many desperate Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and children going hungry this very moment. Take a moment to change a life today with your best Passover gift!
  • IDF: We Won’t Allow Hamas to Disrupt Passover
    Passover begins Friday at sundown – and, faced with the threat of a Hamas-organized march on the Gaza border the same day, Israel is taking every possible measure to ensure that Israelis can celebrate the holiday in peace.
  • A Happy Passover and Easter to All from Stand for Israel!
    Who knew that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was an artist? The Prime Minister released this drawing that depicts items featured in the traditional Passover seder meal, along with Passover greetings to the Israeli people.
  • The Fellowship Wishes You a Happy Easter and Passover!
    We want to wish a happy Passover to all our Jewish friends and a happy Easter to all our Christian friends! In observance of the holiday, we'll be taking tomorrow off, but we'll be back on Monday with more updates from the Holy Land.
  • As Passover Nears, Israel Braces for Palestinian Protests
    Though Hamas says the protests against Israel it has called for on March 30 will be peaceful, Israel is taking every measure possible to protect its borders and prevent widespread violence.
  • Israel’s Soldiers Prepare for Passover
    Like all Israelis, IDF soldiers are readying for Passover – and that means both preparing to observe this biblical holiday and preparing to keep Israel and her people safe as they celebrate.
  • Project Spotlight: Clothing Cards for Children in Need This Passover
    The Fellowship is making sure Passover is truly a celebration this year for thousands of children in need in Israel. Though a partnership with a national clothing chain, we are distributing 15,000 clothing cards to children who participate in Department of Welfare after-school programs.
  • Project Spotlight: Passover Food Box Delivery
    To ensure that elderly impoverished Jews have the special foods they need to celebrate Passover, which begins on March 31 this year, The Fellowship has begun delivering food packages to beneficiaries of our With Dignity and Fellowship project. Yael Eckstein recently delivered some of these Passover food packages to elderly Israelis, including Nelli, an 81-year-old Holocaust survivor.
  • A Taste of Passover
    Enjoy the traditional foods of Passover and their significance to this ancient observance in A Taste of Passover booklet, offering recipes and reflections on Pesach.
  • Israel Celebrates End of Passover
    PM Netanyahu and the rest of Israel came out of Passover by celebrating Mimouna, a Jewish tradition that began in North Africa and symbolizes a love for Israel.
  • Passover in a Broken World
    Yael shares how recent tragedies around the world impacted her family's Passover seder and how Fellowship friends are responding to these huge needs.

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