• Passover Activities for Kids
    Join the fun and learn more about Passover with our coloring pages, puzzles, and activity sheets just for you!
  • Fellowship Crossword Puzzle – Passover
    Test your word searching skills with our crossword puzzle on Passover!
  • Generation to Generation Workbook: Passover – Teaching Our Children to Seek Knowledge
    Discover how Christians can pass on these lessons of faith to their children and grandchildren with this complimentary chapter on Passover from the Generation to Generation workbook, a companion to Fellowship President and CEO Yael Eckstein’s book, Generation to Generation: Passing on a Legacy of Faith to Our Children. 
  • What Is Passover?
    Over the past 3,000 years, Passover has endured as the most celebrated and widely observed holiday in the Jewish tradition. Passover commemorates the seminal event in Jewish history — the story of the Exodus which led to the birth of the Jewish nation, Israel. In addition, the most basic and fundamental principles found in Judaism.
  • Test Your Knowledge of Passover
    Passover is one of the most widely observed and celebrated holiday on the Jewish calendar. Find out how much you know about this ancient holy day by taking our quiz.
  • Passover Devotional Guide
    Deepen your understanding of Judaism's most ancient observance, Passover, through this timeless collection of spiritual insights from Fellowship Founder Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein. Download your complimentary copy today.
  • A Taste of Passover
    Enjoy the traditional foods of Passover and their significance to this ancient observance in A Taste of Passover booklet, offering recipes and reflections on Pesach.
  • The Passover Experience
    Expand your understanding of the Passover celebration and its significance not only to the Jewish faith, but also to the Christian faith, through our Bible study.
  • Passover Coloring Book
    Download our free coloring book all about the Seder meal.
  • Passover Crossword Puzzle
    Complete this crossword puzzle using words found in story of the first Passover.
  • Passover Vocabulary
    Find out how many Passover words you know!
  • Passover — The Festival of Unleavened Bread
    Learn more about the Passover observance from insights and devotional thoughts from Rabbi Eckstein's book, Holy Days of Israel.