Your Gift at Work

As part of our Fellowship Family, your gift is already having an impact. Your love for God’s people is not only changing lives… your love is saving lives. From all who we help, together, Todah Rabah (Thank You)!

Who You Help

The people who your gift is helping can be found across the globe — in the Holy Land, in the former Soviet Union, and from Africa to South America. From terror victims in Israel to refugees fleeing war in Ukraine, from elderly Holocaust survivors who have suffered so much to Jewish families looking to escape violence and anti-Semitism, those who depend on Fellowship friends like you each have their own unique stories and their own unique needs.

Fulfilling God’s Word

In the Book of Genesis, we find God’s promise to bless those who bless His people, Israel. And with your blessing, you are taking tangible, real action and making an actual, lifesaving difference for the neediest of His children. You have heard God’s call, and are now fulfilling His Word.

Those You Have Blessed

Each of these precious Jewish people is someone who depends on The Fellowship for help. We would like for you to meet the children of God you are helping, and see the lives you are changing… and saving.

Polina, an elderly Holocaust survivor cared for by The Fellowship in Israel

‘Thank You, God, That I’m in Israel’

An elderly Holocaust survivor has God, His Holy Land of Israel, and friends at The Fellowship to thank for caring for her.
Fanya, elderly Jewish woman who has found family with The Fellowship in Israel

A Family for Fanya

This precious Jewish woman survived the Holocaust in Ukraine and has at last found a family in Israel with The Fellowship.
Katerina, Holocaust survivor in Ukraine who is alive thanks to American Chrisians

'God Has Kept Me Alive'

The life of this 96-year-old Holocaust survivor in Ukraine has been saved many times by Christians in America.
Maria, elderly woman in Ukraine who Fellowship friends are saving

Saving Maria

Thank you to Fellowship friends for providing this elderly Holocaust survivor with lifesaving aid.
Dolores, an elderly Jewish woman who has found a friend in The Fellowship

You Are Her Only Friend

While Dolores has little but her traumatic memories, she has found a friend in The Fellowship, who provide her with food, care, and hope.
Raisa, Holocaust survivor from Belarus

Remembering Raisa

Raisa hasn’t forgotten losing her mother and sister during the Holocaust. And she knows that you haven’t forgotten her.

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