Welcome to The Fellowship Family

Yael Eckstein, President and CEO of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Shalom from the Holy Land

Shalom, and welcome to our Fellowship Family! Thank you for your support – it’s your support that makes The Fellowship something more than just an organization. Together, we are a community, a ministry, and a family.

And as a part of this family, you are partnering with and ministering to God’s people – across the globe, in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, and in the Holy Land of Israel.

Coming to you from the Holy Land, Yael Eckstein would like to personally welcome you and thank you for joining us in the ministry of blessing God’s people.

Blessing God’s People

God promised in Genesis 12:3 that He will bless those who bless His people, Israel. That is what The Fellowship has been called to do – blessing the Jewish people on behalf of people of faith like you. And that is what, together, we continue to do.

As people of faith – Christians and Jews – we called to do God’s holy work together. For the first time in history, our faiths are building bridges of fellowship and working together. And now you have joined us in this work, in showing God’s people that they are loved, that they are not alone, that they are blessed.

You’re Making an Impact

This holy work that you allow us to carry out does just that – tangibly blesses Jewish people. The Fellowship provides lifesaving aid each year to millions of Jewish people.

We feed and clothe the needy – the elderly, Holocaust survivors, orphans, struggling families. We provide safety and security for Jewish people facing violence and terror, be it in the Holy Land, in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, or elsewhere. And we bring thousands of God’s people home on aliyah flights to their biblical homeland, Israel.


Blue logo of hands embracing with a loaf of bread in front of them.


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Our Story

Black and white image of Rabbi Eckstein giving a speech at a podium.
Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

1983: The Fellowship Is Founded

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein founds the Holyland Fellowship of Christians and Jews to fulfill his vision of building bridges of understanding and cooperation between Christians and Jews.

Black and white image of Rabbi Eckstein standing with a family who just made Aliyah.
Rabbi Eckstein with aliyah flight

1990: On Wings of Eagles Takes Flight

The Fellowship launches On Wings of Eagles to bring Jews to Israel following the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the decades to come, The Fellowship has continued to bring home thousands of Jews from nearly 50 countries.

Rabbi Eckstein with his hand on his daughter, Yael Eckstein's head as he's blessing her.
Rabbi Eckstein blesses Yael

2019: Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, Of Blessed Memory

On February 6, The Fellowship lost its beloved founder when Rabbi Eckstein passed away. His daughter, Yael Eckstein, lost her beloved father, whose footsteps she has followed as she leads The Fellowship into the future.

Yael Eckstein sitting near bed of bedridden elderly woman.
Yael Eckstein visits elderly in Ukraine

2021: More Than 2 Million Jewish Lives Changed

Despite a global pandemic and uncertainty and trouble around the world, The Fellowship reaches a milestone when it helps 2 million people in one year.

What We Do

Yael Eckstein sitting with an elderly Jewish woman and a basket of donated food on a couch.

Providing Security

Saving Jewish lives by providing support, ongoing safety measures, and emergency preparedness to first responders, hospitals, synagogues, and other Jewish institutions.

Elderly Jewish woman spoon feeding a young boy.

Alleviating Poverty

Delivering on-the-ground, lifesaving care, food, and support to help impoverished Jews and Holocaust survivors; filling basic needs and providing companionship.

Young child reaching for an Israeli flag after just off boarding an Aliyah flight.

Making Aliyah

Fulfilling biblical prophecy by helping Jews make aliyah (immigrate to Israel) and supporting them before and after their arrival in the Holy Land.

Yael Eckstein standing on a platform with the Israeli and American flags draped over the railing.

Supporting Fellowship

Building bridges between people of faith through educational resources that teach Christians about the Jewish roots of their faith and apply biblical principles to everyday life.

Stay informed about issues affecting Israel, the Jewish people, Jewish-Christian relations, receive daily devotionals, and more.