Strength from Your Kindness

elderly woman sitting down, elbow resting on desk
Photo: JDC/Arik Shraga

A Prisoner in Her Own Home

Natalya is a prisoner in her own home. Her legs are so swollen from diabetes that she can’t walk far enough to leave her building and go outside. She can’t even leave her tiny bedroom and she is a prisoner in her own home.

Her bedroom, like the rest of the apartment, is slowly unraveling. The wallpaper is peeling, the furniture splintering, there are cracks in the floor. Natalya’s monthly pension cannot cover any repairs. Her tiny income isn’t enough for even her basic needs.

Supported by You

Natalya’s only lifeline is The Fellowship. Your monthly support provides Natalya with food she could not otherwise afford. You also provide her with the important medications she needs to fight the pain and discomfort of her illnesses. Natalya gains strength from your kindness. It helps her feel less alone.

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